Horse Farm, Stable or Ranch Property for Multi-Perils and Liability

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The Ark Site provides many pages of information about horse and animal related insurance.  If you do not find the topic you are interested in, give us a call or send an e-mail.  During our office hours (8:00 – 5:00 Central Standard Time) a live person will take your call and assist you.

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The Insurance Package Advantage  If you own a horse business and your own property, it is often possible and less expensive to insure it under a package insurance program.  Instead of purchasing insurance for liability and farm buildings as separate policies or with different Insurers, many farms will qualify for a single policy or Insurer to provide these coverages.  The package method often provides more protection with more numerous insurance enhancement options, and will reduce the premium through package crediting.  Added protections include coverage for:  Credit Cards and Fund Transfer Cards, Forgery; Counterfeit Currency, Inflation Guard Coverage, Cost of Restoring Farm Operations Records, Electronic Data Processing (optional), and Extra Expense. Under these policies it is also possible to insure Watercraft, Snow Mobiles, Golf Carts, and ATV’s.  You choose the coverages, a deductible, and a range of limits that are right for you, and a policy is tailored to those needs. To qualify for our programs, horses must be at least 50% of the farm operations.

Package Insurance can include property insurance for loss of or damage to your:

  • Buildings
  • Farm Personal Property
  • Horses & Other Livestock

Package Insurance can also provide your:


Where to Begin

Your insurance needs are unique, therefore we believe in person to person service. Call or e-mail an Ark Agency Representative for an estimated premium, policy and company details, and qualification requirements. We work with several insurance companies and rates and coverage conditions vary. We will help you determine which application to use and advise on how to put insurance in force.

*General information is provided on this insurance topic. Acting on our coverage recommendations does not guarantee coverage if you have a loss or claim.

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We highly recommend teaching regular safety training at your stable. One emergency people don't think enough about is how they would free a horse that got a tied lead, cross tie or other type of rope wrapped about the horse's neck, head or halter. There are other situations like this that can happen to other parts of a horse's body - with horses anything can happen and it is good to be prepared --- kinda like knowing where your fire extinguisher is, if it is functional and how to use it.

With a rope emergency, using a knife with a point in an emergency near the neck or head of a panicking horse is not the best idea, and we've found that neither smooth nor serrated blades work fast enough. We just ordered the product attached to this post. Have a look at the video. Let us know if you have used one. We plan to test it on different thicknesses, plies, and types of webbing, rope and leather as in the video and will report on this again soon.
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