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Equine Coverage Without Involving a Broker

At Ark Agency, we are concerned with the specific equine insurance needs that you have, and not what your broker thinks you have. Often times, insurance agents and brokers will come up with a list of risks that they assume you have, without looking directly at your unique needs. The outcome is often horse insurance that is unfavorable for you.

Our experience with equine insurance allows us to provide our individual customers with top quality coverage that is tailored to their exact needs. Through person-to-person service, you are better able to get the secure coverage you are looking for.

Equine Coverage Without Involving a Broker
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Types of Insurance

Dealing with horses is just as much of an individual process as dealing with people. Each animal has a personality and purpose that offers a unique set of risks to the owner. Of course, there are certain risks that all horse owners and horse operations face on a daily basis. At Ark Agency we work to build a policy or set of policies that keep a client’s needs in perspective. With all of that information in mind, some of the equine insurance coverages that we offer to individuals include:

  • Horse Mortality – This type of insurance for horses is comparable to life insurance for us. It comes as either full or limited, based on the needs that you see fit.
  • Horse Medical – Most horses will require medical assistance during their lifetime. Insuring their health is a smart idea. Coverage includes surgical and other major medical expenses.
  • Horse Loss of Use – This coverage is typically dependent on the age and value of a horse, and comes as either a full or limited policy.

In addition to the equine coverage we provide, we offer insurance options for cattle and livestock, dogs, and even exotic animals.

Insurance Brokers & Agents

Now Calling All Insurance Brokers & Agents

Not only does Ark Agency provide clients with quality livestock and horse insurance, we also want to work with insurance brokers and agents. We invite you to reach out to us if you are looking to do business with our firm through your agent. Now you can make sure that your clients are receiving the quality horse, trainer, riding instruction or cattle insurance that they deserve.

Insurance Brokers & Agents
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New Broker & Agent Inquiries

Ark Agency is always open to receiving inquiries from brand new agents and brokers. Allow us to help you to take care of your clients while you build your reputation. If you are looking to work with us, we require that you:

  • Be licensed as either a resident or non-resident in the state in which your client resides
  • Have a current Errors & Omissions insurance policy (this can apply to you or your agency)

For all Surplus Lines products, we will collect the state taxes and fees, and handle the payment of those to each state as required. Our brokers and agents receive competitive commissions.

Professional Horse Insurance Providers

When you seek client insurance with Ark Agency, you will work with a company backed by over 35 years of experience and success matching up clients with the best available major medical or surgical insurance for their horses according to the client’s needs and budget. We place customer care as a high priority, and the same applies to our broker and agent relationships as well.

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Understanding horse trainer insurance plans can be confusing, especially if you’re purchasing insurance for the first time. Let our knowledgeable insurance associates educate you on the basics of horse insurance. Contact us online or call us today to find out more.

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We highly recommend teaching regular safety training at your stable. One emergency people don't think enough about is how they would free a horse that got a tied lead, cross tie or other type of rope wrapped about the horse's neck, head or halter. There are other situations like this that can happen to other parts of a horse's body - with horses anything can happen and it is good to be prepared --- kinda like knowing where your fire extinguisher is, if it is functional and how to use it.

With a rope emergency, using a knife with a point in an emergency near the neck or head of a panicking horse is not the best idea, and we've found that neither smooth nor serrated blades work fast enough. We just ordered the product attached to this post. Have a look at the video. Let us know if you have used one. We plan to test it on different thicknesses, plies, and types of webbing, rope and leather as in the video and will report on this again soon.
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