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As every business owner knows, protecting your assets is important. Many people have property insurance and workers’ compensation insurance; similarly, people who sell or lease horses should have horse insurance. A policy from Ark Agency Animal Insurance Services can protect companies that generate both small and large volumes of business no matter if the transactions are conducted through auctions, private sales or leases.

Why Horse Liability Insurance Matters

No matter if you sell or lease the animals, horse liability insurance can offer protection. We often see incidents such as the following:

  • When a buyer or lessee has certain expectations of a horse that do not pan out as they wished
  • When an incident causes injuries or property damage
  • When a horse is in the care of the lessee or rider who is not properly insured or trained
  • When a horse is pastured in an enclosure that breaks, permitting the animal to escape and cause damage

A liability insurance policy that is customized for your equine operations, can help assure that your business does not suffer a significant financial loss when your horse operations are involved in a bodily injury or property damage incident.

Identifying The Risks

There are inherent risks someone undertakes when participating in horse-related activities. Accidents can happen, especially when there are people of varying capability levels attempting to touch, ride and control these animals, even when the horses are very well trained. Despite your sound management practices and good intentions, you may face an unfortunate incident.

Selling and leasing of horses can have great rewards, but also carries significant risk. You may deal with clientele across the U.S., that are from all walks of life and levels of horse experience. Each will have different expectations about the horses they want or need.  Initially suiting people to horses can sometimes be a problem when they are introduced to a horse and try it out.  And horses can change personalities when arriving at and adjusting to new handlers and environment. There can be problems involving an implied warranty of expected or advertised characteristics of an animal that is sold. Well-written, properly signed sales agreements, bills of sale, lease agreements, warning agreements and release waivers are critically important, yet cannot cover every potential problem by which someone could later be injured in relation to the horse. Short-term leases can, in fact, carry even more risk than those that are long-term.

Contact Us & Protect Your Business Today

At Ark Agency, we specialize in horse liability insurance, providing options for property policies and general liability. Our trained representatives can help you identify potential risks and customize a policy to your specific and unique needs. For more information about coverage options or to get started today, please contact us at 1-800-328-8894.

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