Starting a therapeutic horseback riding business

January 13, 2015 by Linda

Therapeutic horseback riding

Horses have been used as therapeutic aids since the time of the Ancient Greeks. The benefits for those who are disabled are seemingly endless. With proper planning and insurance, you can have the best therapeutic horseback riding business around.


Getting hands on experience is the first step of establishing a successful business. Make sure you volunteer at a center for therapeutic riding and that your employees do as well. It will offer a better understanding of how the program works and help you establish your own criteria.


Location is key in any business. It is especially important that your facility is fully accessible to your handicapped clients. This includes the bathroom, barns, parking, and any other buildings.

Horses and equipment

When choosing your horses, you want to make sure that they are startle proof and great for beginner riders. All the standard equipment used for horseback riding (i.e. saddles. Helmets, and bridles) will be needed. In addition, mounting blocks or ramps will be helpful.


Choosing the right insurance policy will be crucial to your business since there are a lot of factors going on. You need to have protection for your business in case of an accident.
The Ark Agency can aid you in picking the right insurance ploy for your equine needs.

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