What to Do if You Have a Nervous Horse

August 18, 2017 by Linda

When you’re on the trail or in practice, you know when your horse starts to get spooked by something. It doesn’t matter if it’s another person entering the stall or just a loud noise in the distance that scares them, you can often feel it coming on before it happens. Easing your horse’s anxiety and […]

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Have you ever wondered why they cut a mules tail in "bells"? Back in the day.....the Army used mules in service. A green mule had its tail shaved. By the time the mule was broke to pack, a 'bell' was trimmed in the tail. Once broke to drive, a second bell was added below the first. Broke to ride, a third tassel was trimmed below the second. Thus, a three-bell mule was a well-schooled animal. This way, when looking at a corral full of unknown mules, it was easy to identify which one to select for the job at hand!

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