Cattle – Livestock Mortality


Cattle & Livestock Mortality Insurance – Life & Theft

Insure The Life of Your Cattle and Other Livestock such as Sheep, Goats, and Hogs


A type of insurance for your horse that is similar to a term life policy on a person.  The Full Mortality policy insures against financial loss due to the death of an insured animal that is caused by or necessitated by both natural and accidental causes. Proven Theft coverage is also included.  The animal is insured while in the Continental U.S. and Canada.

To qualify, your animal must be physically sound and in good health.  A current veterinary certificate of health is usually required.  Some age and value restrictions may apply.


A type of Mortality Insurance policy that will protect you against financial loss upon the death of your insured livestock  due to or necessitated by specified perils.  Commonly insured perils include:

Basic Perils

• Fire & Lightening or smoke resulting there from;

• Collision, derailment or overturn of certain conveyances while in transit, including loading and unloading; 

• Collapse of bridges and culverts; 

• Earthquake and / or floods; 

• Windstorm, cyclone, tornado, hail;

• Explosion; and

• Aircraft and Objects falling there from.

Optional Perils (additional) that may be included:

• Accidental Shooting (except by the Insured or employees of the Insured);

• Drowning;

• Artificial Electricity;

• Attack by dogs or wild animals;

• Collapse of building; and

• Theft (death of animal need not be a factor)

Animals that may not qualify for Full Mortality can often be insured under this type of insurance.

Short-term coverage for Animal Air & Ground Transit Insurance is available.


Your insurance needs are unique, therefore we believe in person to person service.  You may complete a short inquiry application by clicking Get an Insurance Quote. Call or e-mail an Ark Agency Representative for an estimated premium, policy and company details, and qualification requirements.  We work with several insurance companies and rates and coverage conditions vary.  We will help you determine which application to use and advise on how to put insurance in force. To learn more and to review the most frequently asked questions about liability insurance, read our brochure by clicking below.

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*General information is provided on this insurance topic.  Acting on our coverage recommendations does not guarantee coverage if you have a loss or claim.